The Team

Fari F U.

Co-Founder | Head of Design and Engineering

Experienced in super yacht and luxury car interior in addition to international trade and compliance knowledge, Fari is an architect and engineer who loves creating safe and sustainable lifestyle designs of cars, yachts and aircrafts while running US and international operations.

Erkan "Ed" G.

Co-Founder | Head of Production

Ed is the backbone of our lean production model and makes it work seamlessly. A business major, award-winning designer and founder of Erad Group in TR, coming from the industry with 20 years of luxury vehicle experience he's making sure of exceptional quality level of our products.

Sez A.

Service Manager

Bumper-to-bumper, in and out. With his 25 years of proven track-record in body, electronics and mechanical work with a focus on Mercedes-Benz vehicles, Sez knows what to do before even you know about the problem, if any.