Fari VIP Design – Erad Group USA is a joint venture who designs, manufactures, installs and delivers Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Metris vehicles with exquisite interior and exteriors.  We offer an extensive selection of interior trim, exterior body, safety, convenience, performance and multimedia upgrades since 2002 in Germany, Turkey and US and we’re currently expanding our US operations.

We distinctively use ethically sourced highest quality and sustainable materials, artfully combine innovative engineering, aesthetic design and extraordinary workmanship to manufacture interior packages that elevate user experience and comfort of VIP vans and RVs to an unmatched level.

Our fine-tuned design approach shows our love of motor vehicles, keeps natural environment and human interaction in center and always keeps an open-mind and encourages extreme transparency to meet and exceed our clients’ and industry partners’ needs.

We constantly dream of mastering the art and craft we combine into the vehicles we love the most with the help of cutting-edge technology. We aim to keep creating the most advanced vehicles on the market in every aspect and stay steps ahead.

We take pride on our mission to elevate our designs mindfully, maintain our sourcing sustainable, keep workmanship at the top of the line, serve clients impeccably and create meaningful industry connections made to last for continuous improvement.