First things first: Fundamentals for Van Conversion

From time to time, we were all tempted by van life. Some of us wish to buy a caravan or be impressed by the van conversion stories. Are you ready to explore new locations and enjoy the scenery of a home-comfort caravan trip? Maybe you have a dozen spots written on your bucket list to travel or you wish to get off your daily routine and breakthrough. However, due to the fast speed of life, our hesitations, or even maybe because of our lack of knowledge, we are likely to postpone these van conversion projects.

So, don’t worry. We have the research part on behalf of you so that you have a clear idea of what to do and where to start if you plan a VIP Mercedes Sprinter conversion.

Even though the steps during the van conversion process may be interchanged, all of them start with a dream. So, try to picture your dream campervan in the most vivid way possible. This requires research, as well as keeping eye on social media, trends, related blog sites as well as forum pages.

Body Work of a Campervan Conversion

The actual work starts with the Body Work of the campervan. These include the Fan, HVAC, Captain chairs/seats, Heater works. And continues with the body kit, amenities, upholstery, and lighting.

As your road buddies, firstly, you need to understand selecting your tires. They should handle the highway, off-road as well as challenging weather conditions. And don’t fall for the all-season promise, try to consult an expert on van conversion matters.

Then the next work includes placing a fan, adding windows maybe next to your future bed location, plug in-out captain chairs/seats both for passenger and driver.

If you are decisive about living in a campervan the whole time, an independent dry heat source would be beneficial and convenient since most of them use the fuel from the van’s tank.

Floor and Insulation

Then, after the essentials for the structure of your cozy home, here comes the floor work and thermal insulation.

Along with these steps, you need to learn about electricity and water system design or get professional help before you move to the interior structure.

For the floor, you have to pay attention to have a floor installation that would prevent water infiltration and also offer thermal and noise insulation. This is the foundation of your home. So it should be resistant enough to multiple living person weight, not produce any old squeaky noises, and should be made of durable material. A good insulation material eliminates rust, mold, and bugs as well, be aware of that!

Interior Structure

More enjoyable things are on their way, wait a bit 😊 Now you should focus on interior structures such as how your bed is going to be located, will it be a pull-out type, what about overhead storage areas, will there be a spot for sink and stove cabinets, for a composting toilet?

Don’t forget, in a small space like a campervan, the organization is going to be your best friend. Both for convenience and your sanity!

In the last step, you can move to the lighting system, adding solar panels and some accessories such as mosquito screens and radio and speaker upgrades.

Well, we are finished with covering the essentials that you will need to sustain your life in a campervan while living a convenient, healthy, and favorable manner. But we didn’t even mention the decoration which is the most likable part of a van conversion and also keeps several tricks up its sleeves for a more efficient lifestyle.

Luxury RV Designs Can Offer a Unique Experience

Living in an RV also does not mean giving up on what you love in life. Indeed, you can experience more than what you have every day. Thanks to the luxury amenities such as minibar, heated/massage seats, fridge, bottle warmer/chiller, ambient lighting, entertainment system including TV, Wifi, PlayStation, sound system, as well as safe and storages.

Also, this is a 101 article to get you familiar with van conversion, the steps the process involves and we wish to disclaim that all the headings like bodywork or insulation have their own details and expertise in it. So we should suggest moving on to our other articles for details and also contact us for any question and professional service for your van conversion.