Top Vehicles For Van Conversion

Choosing a vehicle is required before converting a van, and it is quite important for the whole conversion process. Since there are distinct models and brands, you need to pick the vehicle as per your preferences and needs. While searching for the best vehicle for camper vans, several requirements and options can pop up. The factors you need to consider when picking a vehicle would change whether you are driving the vehicle in the field and based on the preferences for roof height, engine capacity, fuel consumption, spare part costs, luxury, etc. In short, it requires research when you decided to buy a house.

The Size and Model of Camper Vans

For example, for a van that you consider living a simple and compact van life, a 140 sq ft vehicle might be enough, and for long-term trips, you may need a 180 sq ft vehicle.

If you want to be off-road, a rear-wheel drive or a 4×4 off-road vehicle should be your preference. If the vehicle is 4×4 and the engine torque is high, you will have peace of mind and comfort.

Internal Layout of Vehicles

If the vehicle’s interior configuration is sufficient for the construction, it will offer you a benefit. nIn common, the inner structure gets narrower when you move to the ceiling. The vehicles’ internal layout can be more functional when the inner assemblies and the interior furniture are being manufactured based on the aim of converting a van. In compliance with the vehicle’s configuration, the van concept design should be planned.

Qualities of the engine

Among the factors that must be considered should be the minimal maintenance need, having a new model engine, and low cost of fuel. Furthermore, if the vehicle’s engine has a commonly known design, it can benefit from maintenance and upkeep on your travels. It means that you would have the ability to locate spare parts and mechanics more conveniently.

The horsepower of the vehicles will help you when climbing or speeding up. The high engine output and torque would, of course, be proportional to the rise in the cost of the automobile and gasoline consumption. You must select the vehicle according to your criteria of use.

What’s the most popular vehicle for a camper van?

The response to this question is based mainly on your budget and the needs that have brought you the point of shifting into van life.   

There are also alternate vehicles from various brands and their models. Vehicles with affordable gas mileage, vehicles with powerful engine capacity, and vans with large volumes are among these commonly chosen vehicles with their explanation provided.

The vehicles useful for the van conversion include cars such as Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes Metris, Iveco Daily, Ford Transit.

Fari VIP Design exclusively uses Mercedes Sprinter and Mercedes Metris to be the most reliable, comfortable, and reputable vehicles.

Dimensions in Camper Vans

The most suitable vehicle for a camper van conversion should have sufficient area for the interior design you will build. The vehicle’s large interior will have a convenient and pleasant living area if you live there for the long term, not just for a holiday trip.

  • A typical camper van is between 18 and 24 feet long. In the RV world, Class B camper vans are generally referred to as Class B motorhomes. They are the ideal size for one or two people and travel across the country. They’re simple to drive and park, and they’ll fit in any RV park or campground.
  • If you are looking for a van that fits into your garage, Metris Getaway is the choice.